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Long tablet road of Microsoft
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PostPost subject: Long tablet road of Microsoft
Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:26 pm
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Today, Microsoft formally released their own brand of Surface series Windows 8 tablet computer, quiet after period of time officially join tablet computer war. But in fact, the way of explorations has already started in early 2000. At that time, because the system or technical reasons, the battery or reason of the understanding of the tablet, Microsoft can't success put tablet into mainstream, but it really made important contributions in promotion of tablet concept and consciousness. Let's look at Microsoft more than 10 years of tablet process.

Bill Gates has put forward theconcept of Tablet PC as early as 2000 in Las Vegas Comdex conference (from the PC concept extends the Tablet computer concepts), and think this equipment should be able to very good recognition handwritten. In-02, Microsoft's first fruits out - Windows XP Tablet PC. This kind of tablet then gain some commercial use, but never into the mainstream market.

A few years later, Gates again conceived the future of the tablet PC, when its tablet computer has begun to similar with iPad now. Gates predicted tablet computer should parity, low to $500 or so, can run all day, and have a very good touch experience. According to the idea of the Gates, Microsoft and some hardware partners started Origami project again, but the project out tablet equipment not to Gates's anticipated. Such as Microsoft and samsung cooperation of Q1 tablet beyond hundreds dollar of the price of 500 line, and touch experience not beautiful, life also not beautiful. Therefore, under the technology not mature enough, Microsoft again gave up its tablet plan.

But soon after, maybe is forecasted that tablet technology began to mature, Microsoft started tablet project Courier again. This tablet still a double screen tablet, still position in main handwritten input , and developed by entertainment equipment R&D department. But unfortunately, that tablet had been cut off not seen the sun.

So after the three stages, the clock to today, Microsoft began the road of the tablet computer again. Just at this time, the background is totally different. Microsoft will face extremely difficult competitive environment. So Microsoft will fail a forth time?

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