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 Date/Time is Mon May 29, 2017 3:41 am
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Facebook issued Camera to layout socialization electric busi
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PostPost subject: Facebook issued Camera to layout socialization electric busi
Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:18 am
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Facebook bought Karma with $80 million. Or last week, Facebook launched their own Instagram application Camera.

We first look Camera and Karma.

Camera is a photo sharing application released Facebook bought Instagram, now on apple App Store shelves.

Camera is very similar in the function with Instagram, provide editing, clipping, flip and increase the picture processing functions filter. The marked characteristics of Camera is can view photos of all good friends in the same position. After application loaded the user can see photo collection of friends, photos with "waterfall flow" format. The user can look up more photos or click on the corresponding photos through sliding screen. According to the report, employees of Instagram did not join development of this type photo application.

Karma is established by Lee Linden and Ben Lewis, through it, the user can directly give gifts to his good friend through the cell phone, including gift card, virtual gifts, birthday gift or a wedding gift, etc. Karma can according to user information, birthday reminder, key words to screening, through the semantic analysis recommend information of gift to the user. If the user's friends get a new job or married, Karma will give a circular, let the user to write some congratulate words or send a card and so on. If don't know friends address, Karma will also sent text messages to ask friends, let the other side to sent the address. To who received the gifts, he will receive SMS, E-mail or HTML5 information. Of course he can also enter a address to turn to others, exchange gifts or donate. The other party may also directly fill out thank-you notes.

Commentators think, Facebook bought Karma is to solve the dilemmas in socialization e-commerce, and now it seems, Facebook seems to go to socialization e-commerce.

We look back Camera, including 2 point is very important, one is Instagram employees not participate in the development of this type of photos application. The second point photos of Camera display with "waterfall flow" format.

Camera should be a product Facebook started before the acquisition of Instagram, its meant is to counter the rise of Pinterest. In addition, facebook wants to let the traffic became flow of cash as far as possible, especially after the listing, the appeal more urgent, so, its acquisition of Karma can understand. Through the Camera test suitable extent of "waterfall stream" forms, and then integration with Karma, and move a way in electrical contractor and socialization electricity on business.

If u guys want to learn more about how to convert video between different video formats, u can visit
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