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How to fix Dell Printer Offline Problems in Windows 10
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PostPost subject: How to fix Dell Printer Offline Problems in Windows 10
Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:22 am
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DELL printer shows the status message ‘Offline’ when your windows computer cannot read the printer. This can happen due to some network problem or some cable issues. We are providing some instructions following them you can get rid of this issue.
1. You can check the connectivity by using print and scan doctor. If you are using windows 8 and above print and scan doctor will resolve many connectivity issues. For this, you have to download and install DELL print and scan doctor. After installing, keep on following the instruction to resolve the problem. Select ‘Test print’ to test the network connection. After that you can choose ‘No Print’ to complete the process.
2. If this does not resolve the issue or you are using lesser version of Windows, you should choose the default printer and start the printing. In some cases, default driver changes to the different driver. Change the default setting to the initially installed driver and make sure that your printer is not set to offline. Now try to print your document and see the status. If this does not resolve the situation go to number 3.
3. You can reset your printer this can set the default connection to your computer. After resetting every cable, switch on your printer and start printing your document, if the status is online and the documents are queued then it means your problem is solved. If the status message is showing printer’s idle state, it means it is a routine setup, you need not to worry.
4. If your problem is still not resolved, you need to check the network, if you are using wireless printer, open the settings of the printer and check for the wi-fi connectivity and any wireless mode you are using. You need to make sure that the light on the wireless icon is on continually and not blinking.
5. If you are using wired printer, you need to check the cables that they are connected to one side from printer on the ethernet port and from the other side on the router. There are two lights on the router. Green and orange one. You need to check that the first one is not blinking and the other one is blinking.
6. If the issue still persists, check for the updated firmware. From time to time Dell releases newer versions of firmware. Firmware are the set of instructions that are installed in the hardware and provide functionality for that particular hardware. You may need to update your printer’s firmware.
7. If this also doesn’t work, use DELL Printer Assistant. It gives you some specific instruction to connect to the printer. In DELL Printer Assistant, go to the ‘printer properties’ and choose the ‘Ports’ tab and then click on your port. Now, try to print your documents. if there is no problem, your issue has resolved.
8. If all the above stated solutions have not worked for you, these things may help provided you are using secure network and windows operating systems.
• Do not connect your printer to any unauthorised network.
• If you are using wireless printer, try to use either USB connection or the wired one.
• Remove printer driver from control panel and reinstall it from the authorised CD
• Look for ‘Advance network setting’ in the display and turn of IPV6
• Check for your personal wireless connection and remove any other wireless device that are near the printer.

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