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 Date/Time is Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:18 am
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Polishing and forming process of stainless steel pipe elbow
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PostPost subject: Polishing and forming process of stainless steel pipe elbow
Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 7:31 am
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Generally speaking, there are three kinds of polishing processing technology for stainless steel pipe elbow, they are mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing. Among them, the machine polishing has three terms, need to understand, first of all, abrasive said is stainless steel pipe elbow polishing wax, eliminate excess particles, so that the surface shows very neat. The grease is said to make the elbow have lubrication and cooling function by polishing wax, so that the surface of the pipe has some effective substances such as stearic acid, fatty acid and paraffin wax. Cutting force is to say, the polished stainless steel pipe elbow friction leveling process needs to complete the force.
When stainless steel pipe elbows are placed for a long time, be sure to check and maintain them regularly. For the stainless steel pipe elbow exposed on the outside of the part has to ensure clean, remove dirt, keep clean, stainless steel pipe elbow should be placed in the indoor ventilated and dry place, can not be completely exposed to the outdoors and accumulation. Stainless steel pipe elbow itself ball valve, wafer check valve, gate valve use time, can only be fully open and fully closed, the middle can not adjust the flow over time can prevent the sealing surface from corrosion and wear damage, usually the valve and the valve on the screw contained within the inverted sealing for manual hand wheel rotation to the the upper head surface can achieve long-term rust free, no corrosion. In addition, the installation of adjustable stainless steel pipe bend, it is necessary to maintain its seal status, otherwise it will cause it can not work properly.
There are twpipe elbowo main types of forming process of stainless steel pipe, one of which is hot forming, hot forming process is the use of stainless steel pipe elbow's bend drawing machine, mould and heating device, the set of billet in the mold on the forward movement in the push for the machine, and in the movement to be heated and expanded diameter and bending. The deformation characteristics of the hot pushing elbow is based on stainless steel pipe elbow plastic law of constant volume deformation before and after determining the tube diameter, tube diameter less than the diameter of the elbow, the deformation process of mould blank control, the metal flow in the arc compressed, compensation due to expanding and reducing other parts of thin thus, the uniform wall thickness of elbow.
The other is a stamping, stamping of stainless steel pipe elbow is the earliest to forming process for the production of large quantities of seamless elbow, elbow now commonly used in the production of specifications have been replaced by hot method or other molding process, but in some specifications of the stainless steel tube bend in production quantity and the wall thickness is too thick or too thin. Before the stamping, the stainless steel tube blank is placed on the lower die, and the inner core and the end die are loaded into the tube blank, and the die is moved downward to start pressing, and the stainless steel pipe bend is formed by the constraint of the external die and the supporting action of the internal model.
Source: China Pipe Elbow Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (
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