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Computing News Headlines:
New HTC Android Phones Tweaked to Evade Apple Patents
Ivy Bridge Temperatures – It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here
Adobe CS6 on sale today, Creative Cloud coming May 11th

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Shows your Internet Protocol (IP) address that you are using to access this page.
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Shows your hostname that you are using to access this page.

WHOIS Search
Find out the owner and other information of a specified domain name or IP address.
Virus and Security Alerts
The latest virus news, removal tools and security alerts from Symantec, Trend Micro and Panda.

Speed Tests
Choice of:
Bandwidth Speed Test from Florida server.

Bandwidth Speed Test from any Speakeasy Speed Test server located in: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, or Washington, DC.
Wardriving MAC ID Database/Search
Coming Soon! Submit and search for MAC IDs collected from wireless networks.

Security Check
Coming Soon!
Tweaks Test
Coming Soon!